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Know Before You Go: Travelling During A Pandemic

Updated: May 17, 2022

As the world opens up, travel begins to look quite different these days. Before you embark on your next trip, prepare yourself with these few tips. From preparing travel documents before your trip to what should be expected at the airport.

We want to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Read more below on how you can prepare for your next travel vacation.

Tip #1 - Do your research

  • Understand Covid-19 rules and regulations of the destination which you are travelling to. Even though borders are open, every country may have their own procedures for tourists travelling during the pandemic.

  • Be sure to understand the risks of Covid-19 within the destination your are travelling to since rates are constantly changing.

  • Check which attractions, restaurants, and accommodations are open and what their procedures are for tourists.

Tip #2 - Prepare all travel documents

  • Ensure your passport is valid and not reached its expiry date. If your passport is expired, be sure to have enough time before your trip to renew your passport to avoid long wait times.

  • Is vaccination required at your destination? Make sure to have vaccine passport printed as well as on your phone ready to be shown.

  • Make sure to have up to date negative Covid-19 test done 24-48 hours before your flight (dependant on travel regulations).

  • Check the Government of Canada's website to see the most up to date travel advisories and the government website of where you will be travelling.

Tip #3 - Carry necessary items

  • Make sure to have extra masks, sanitizer, and anti-bacterial wipes. This will help control the spread of bacteria while travelling and create extra protection for yourself.

Tip #4 - Know the requirements when coming home

  • Re-entry into Canada can be found here Check daily to see any updates on re-entry to Canada.

Tip #5 - Have travel insurance

  • Travel insurance is necessary during unexpected times such as a pandemic due to flight delays or cancellations.

Tip #6 - Be flexible

  • Always expect the unexpected. Even if all documents are in order, be prepared for any changes that may come up.

  • Give yourself lots of time before your flight to be at the airport early. There may be long waits during security clearance.

Tip #7 - Book through a travel agency

  • Booking through a trusted travel agent will give you the extra support needed to have all documents prepared for your travel.

  • You will be able to lean on professional and expert advice through out your journey.

Stay vigilant. Wear a mask.

All in all, these unprecedented times are waves of uncertainty. As the world is opening up, there are more pre-cautions that need to be taken in order to travel safely during Covid--19 pandemic. We are here to make your travel journey as smooth as possible.

Contact us today through our website, phone, or walk in to our office. Safe travels!

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