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What You Need to Know

Why choose a travel agent to book my trip?

Using a Travel Agency will ensure a better trip experience for you. Our Travel Agents take consideration of your budget, interests, and time frame to create a stress-free travel experience. Our Travel Agents are knowledgable about the best deals and know the most reliable and safest accommodations. You will truly get the most of your trip booking with our Travel Agents.

what vaccination records do i need for travel to and from india?

To India:

  1. Complete a Covid-19, RT-PCR check (sample given within 72 hrs of departure) to obtain a report.

  2. Please complete the Government of India form on – Air Suvidha Portal ( . 

  3. Please ensure you have the physical or electronic copy of RT-PCR negative report and the Air Suvidha form Submission before you arrive at airport.

Each passenger needs to complete this process individually.

From India:

  1. Passengers should pre-book their testing time slot in DEL with this site

Were advised they offer two tests (one RT PCR 9$, result delivered within 3-4 hrs and Rapid Covid, result within 60 mins at 67$ cost)   

  1. ArriveCAN mobile app
    Arrive CAN must be used prior to their arrival in Canada to provide mandatory contact details and quarantine plan information.

  2. Must Carry Vaccination Certificate 

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance can protect you against the following things going wrong: cancelling or cutting your trip short  for reasons beyond your control. Missed transport or delayed departure for reasons beyond your control. Medical reasons and other emergencies.

How do I find out about visa requirements?

Connect with one of our agents to learn all about travel visa requirements and any additional information regarding travels visas.

what documents do i need to bring with me while travelling

When you are traveling, especially internationally, you need to pay attention to every detail and the most important being vital travel documents. These are the travel documents you will need to make sure to have with you.

1. Driver's License, Passport, and Travel Visa.

2. Copies of all Identification documents.

3. Travel Insurance plan details.

4. Tickets for events when traveling. 

5. COVID-19 travel documents.

How do I know which trip is right for me?

When planning your next trip there are many factors to consider on what you are looking for during your travel. Here are 5 strategy questions to ask yourself to find the right destination with intention. 

1. What is your main motivation for this trip?

2. What is your travel style? i.e Adventure, Luxury, Meditation, or Food and Culture?

3. How much time do you have to travel?

4. Who are you travelling with?

5. Consider your comfort zone. i.e Language barriers, Cultural values, Climate, and Exotic cuisine. 

have any questions?

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